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Korea-Japan Convention on Academic Health Education

日時:2015年 3月31日(火)




<15:30-15:35> Opening Remarks

Prof. Hiroshi Takenaka, President, Osaka Medical College

Prof. Daehee Kang, Dean, Seoul National University


<15:35-17:35> Panels

Chairpersons: Prof. Jeong Eun Kim, Seoul National University (Newrosurgery) & Prof.Kenji Ohata, Osaka City University (Newrosurgery)

1- Prof. Hiroshi Yoneda, Osaka Medical Coolege

 "Medical Education in Osaka Medical College"

2- Prof. Yasuhiko Konishi, Kyoto University

 "What happened by a curriculum reform at Kyoto University"

3- Prof. Takuzo Hano, Wakayama Medical University

 "Three educational mindprograms of Wakayama Medical University beyond Japanese Model Core-Curriculum"

4- Prof. Taichi Shuto, Osaka City University

 "Medical education by simulation at Osaka City University"

5- Prof. Ji Soo Lee, Ewha Womans University

 "Implementing academic mentoring for clinical year students at Ewha Womans University"

6- Prof.Han-Suk Kim, Seoul National University

 "Medical Education in Seoul National University College of Medicine"


<17:50-18:30> Special Lecture

Prof.Nobuo Nara, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

 "Innovation of Medical Education in Japan"

(Chairperson: Prof. Hideki Wanibuchi, Osaka City University)


<18:30-19:00> Invited Lecture

Prof.Daehee Kang, Dean, Seoul National University

 "Medical Education Reform in Korea"

(Chairperson: Prof. Toshiaki Hanafusa, Osaka Medical College)


<19:00-19:05> Closing Remark

Prof. Hiroshi Takenaka, President, Osaka Medical College






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